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The game-changing, no-code way to Select, Search & Share your content

Zngly™ is a media platform built specifically for the creation, management and measurement of B2B content marketing and client engagement.

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Save time and costs, present your content all in one place

Zngly™ is an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution that comes with layout and functionality fully set-up. Simply upload your logo and assign your company colours and your environment is good to go.

Sales tools with a personalised touch

Take complete control, bring your experts into the room by curating the content you need into an easy to send list and customising your outreach with a personalised video.

Report Sales and Marketing analytics easily and accurately, in one place

The Zngalytics hub provides a single view of how all your content is performing; webinars, pdfs, videos, social campaigns – no matter the source. Every click, view, page turn, download and more are tracked all in real-time, and all in one place.

Zngly™ integrates with all your CRM platforms


and more.

"With Zngly™, we have been able to streamline, and transform the way our content is used by our sales and marketing teams."

– Mike Richardson, Marketing Manager - Legerity

Make Zngly™ work for you

At Zngly™ we understand the technology barriers facing firms, and the need to create, curate and share your content. Thats why we have a range of tiering models to suit all businesses, from individuals to larger enterprise:



Zngly Citizen gives you the tools to see the internet your way. Collate your content from across the web and send it on to colleagues, customers, even family and friends in easy to share, curated playlists. You can even add a welcome video to any list for that unique and tailored touch!

As our freemium model – Citizen is great for any person or business and open to all! 


Zngly Connect is the perfect suite of business tools for firms to add to their sales and marketing capability; supporting multiple users, advanced analytics and user defined content categories. Zngly supports webinar segmentation, dedicated campaigns and learning & development programmes.

Connect can grow with your business, allowing you to add more users and more content as you need to.


Zngly Corporate is the ultimate enterprise package; using subdomain integration, you gain full control over how and where your business is seen. Access all the benefits of the previous tiers, with the addition of full CRM integration tools, connecting your content with Salesforce, Hubspot, Leadfeeder and more.

Corporate empowers your teams with a starting point of 6 users and access to the full suite of Zngalytics capabilities.


Zngly Citizen

Zngly Connect

Zngly Corporate

Content Catalogue















CRM Integration



Base Storage

100 MB

2 GB

10 GB





Primary Users




Additional Users



Applications open now for our early access programme!

See how Zngly™ can transform your business

Who should download this guide?

Marketers who want a smarter and more cost-effective way to manage content; sales professionals who want to personalise that content for impact and immediacy; and business managers who want the most granular analytics to measure performance. Submit your details below:

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A no-code Platform-as-a-Service, which you plug in as a subdomain to your site and works straight ‘out-of-the-box’. Content is automatically optimised for SEO. Nothing is uploaded, everything is played where it lies.

Save time and money managing YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, PDFs and more on your website, with Zngly™ you no longer need a designer or developer. It’s as easy as copying a link. It’s like having your own version of Netflix that handles every media type not just video.

Zngly™ allows you to collect all the content currently shattered across your website in a playlist you can share, we call them Znglists. Every list is a link to the latest version of the asset, say goodbye to email attachments!

Sales teams can create their own Znglists with content selected specifically for their customer – they can even be accompanied by a personalised video message. It’s as easy as creating a Spotify playlist with a personalised WhatsApp message.

Zngalytics tracks every click, view, and download in real-time, in one place, creating in-depth reports without the need for complex data tools. Know where your audience is coming from. Track new and returning visitors from websites, google searches, or emails and from which devices phone, desktop or tablet, integrated with Salesforce, Pardot, LeadFeeder and HubSpot.