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A no-code Platform-as-a-Service, which you plug in as a subdomain to your site and works straight ‘out-of-the-box’. Content is automatically optimised for SEO. Nothing is uploaded, everything is played where it lies.

Save time and money managing YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, PDFs and more on your website, with Zngly™ you no longer need a designer or developer. It’s as easy as copying a link. It’s like having your own version of Netflix that handles every media type not just video.

Zngly™ allows you to collect all the content currently shattered across your website in a playlist you can share, we call them Znglists. Every list is a link to the latest version of the asset, say goodbye to email attachments!

Sales teams can create their own Znglists with content selected specifically for their customer – they can even be accompanied by a personalised video message. It’s as easy as creating a Spotify playlist with a personalised WhatsApp message.

Zngalytics tracks every click, view, and download in real-time, in one place, creating in-depth reports without the need for complex data tools. Know where your audience is coming from. Track new and returning visitors from websites, google searches, or emails and from which devices phone, desktop or tablet, integrated with Salesforce, Pardot, LeadFeeder and HubSpot.