“Is Your Data Misleading You?”

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Find Your Sales Deals In Your Data

Welcome to our special report on HubSpot integrations.

Marketing teams are frustrated. Sales are not getting the leads. The data is misleading at best. There is so much noise you can’t find the signal. We can fix this.

Welcome to ZNGLY Campaign Manager. We help our clients get greater value from HubSpot, with an accurate view of buyer engagement and content performance. Helping them create campaigns to generate more leads, and nurture more sales.

What Is It - The Problem

B2B Sales & Marketing is more complex than ever before. In a digital age, sales & marketing teams are drowning in unused assets and fractured data. 

B2B Sales & Marketing is more complex than ever before. In a digital age, sales & marketing teams are drowning in unused assets and fractured data. 

The numbers do not make pretty reading: 

  • 20% – Average open rate of newsletters (staggering 80% remain unopened)
  • 60-70% –  of marketing content is unused by sales teams
  • 60% – of all marketing content provides zero business value

Clearly the system is broken and needs to be transformed.  

That’s where ZNGLY and our powerful suite of analytics tools – Zngalytics – combined with “Campaign Manager” our HubSpot integration comes in.

Our platform gives a layer of extra insight, support and tools to your HubSpot implementation that you cannot get anywhere else: 

  • Quick demand gen and lead nurture campaign design
  • Slick content curation and personalisation tools
  • Rich customer engagement analytics

So you can easily manage your contacts, automate lead generation, and track MQL, SQL and buyer behaviour.  Know what’s working, what’s not, and make informed decisions. Everytime.

Why Is It Important

To survive, let alone grow, your business needs sales. Sales needs marketing and marketing needs to perform. And for marketing to perform it needs the data. 

A proper content strategy in B2B is part of the foundation of every marketing plan. Content marketing allows you to build authority, trust, and credibility. It helps your potential customers and makes them understand your products or services.

And it all starts with the data, the insights and the planning. Without the data to back-up and guide your campaigns, it’s just a hunch. 

Let's not do hunches!

How Does It Work

With ZNGLY “Campaign Manager”, you have the ability to take HubSpot and bridge the gaps between content, campaigns and customers. Calibrate and construct campaigns that will work, remove the uncertainty and guess work. 

So you can share relevant content with your buyers easily, for greater lead engagement and increased sales. 

We take your contacts from HubSpot in real-time and integrate it with our analytics dashboards to create intuitive activity monitoring tools. These tools let you identify where you have traction and feed it into a marketing and sales workflow plan. 

ZNGLY handles all of the tricky stuff – publishing, organising, and tracking. 

Sales and marketing teams can easily use your content and put it into action!

What are the benefits

Let the numbers do the talking. On average our ZNGLY clients see an immediate return:

  • Marketing: Use 30% less resources creating campaigns 
  • Sales: Increase their customer engagement scale and outreach by 20%
  • Analytics: Reduce MIS and reporting production time by 75%

And this ROI is on-going, and only increases with further usage. What previously took days now takes minutes.

To Wrap Up

Data is the key - without an accurate view of what's happening, how do you know what to do next?

ZNGLY’s integrations serve as a boon to any business for tracking and analysing their buyer data. Enable your business to make the right decision. Whether you’re marketing, pre-sales, or sales, you can benefit from the smart integrations with ZNGALYTICS.

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