“70% of Marketing Content Has Zero ROI – Why?”

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What Is It - The Problem​

More and more, B2B sales today are consultative. They are part of a dialogue, where you demonstrate deep market knowledge and problem solving. Firms need to catch the eye of their audience, and use several techniques to create content and engagement. From webinars, white paper, podcasts and events – all great content – but expensive and time consuming to produce. And it’s ever more difficult to stand-out and grab their attention.

ZNGLY is an AI Sales & Marketing enablement platform that solves this problem – helping firms maximise the return and opportunity on their content.

In today’s business landscape, deals characterised by low volume and high value – mean they need a ‘high touch’ to nurture the lead, from prospect to buyer.

However, significant challenges lie in the fragmentation of content. Despite investing time and resources into creating valuable assets like webinars, videos, and articles, businesses often find that these assets go unutilised.

Statistics reveal a considerable portion of marketing content ends up gathering digital dust, diminishing its potential ROI. ZNGLY provides a platform to manage, deploy, and track your content and campaigns, getting every insight. 80% of all marketing content go unused by Sales, and a staggering 70% of all marketing has zero ROI to the firm!

How Does it Work

Here you can see a selection of our client’s great content, powered by ZNGLY. With ZNGLY, you can bring together content from all around the internet, from all media types, into microsites and personalised marketing campaigns. All of this is tracked with our powerful analytics, integrated with your CRM platform, so you can get the best insights on your content and how it’s performing.

What Are The Pain Points

Current content sharing and management offerings are expensive, time consuming, and deliver a poor user experience. Microsites take weeks to develop – and content gets lost in the mess. Poor data tracking and analytics on who’s looking at your content only makes things worse.

ZNGLY’s ‘Hubs’ enable you to create private and public secure microsites in minutes. Coupled with our powerful “list & link” functionality allows you to organise, personalise, and curate your content from all across the internet – simply by getting its URL.

Whether it’s hosted on YouTube, Spotify, a PDF, or even a recording on Sharepoint. All this is tracked with our analytics, integrated with your CRM software, tracked through emails and microsites.

What Are The Benefits

  • Streamlined Content Management: ZNGLY enables a centralised Hub for managing diverse content assets, giving marketeers and sales teams the tools they need.
  • Optimised Marketing Campaigns: Leveraging ZNGLY’s analytics, businesses can fine-tune their marketing strategies and maximise the effectiveness of every campaign.
  • Increased Sales Enablement: With access to relevant content at their fingertips, sales teams can deliver tailored pitches and nurture leads more effectively.

To Wrap Up

ZNGLY makes content easier to search and manage, giving deeper insights and personalisation into marketing campaigns and content. Because you don’t need to shout when people want to listen.

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