“People buy from People!”

People Buy From People

Importance of Building Relationships in the Sales Cycle

Welcome to our special report on Personalisation.

Have you wondered what your client really wants to hear? What’s catching their eye. If that PDF you sent was opened and read? Or if that email was forwarded on to others? We are all in an information overload. Are you drowning in document attachments, video and web links? Well no more! 

We know that your content and relationships with clients are critical. We want to make sure that the interactions you have with your leads are personal and impactful. 

The power of personalisation is nothing new. As far back as 2019, Gartner reported that companies that focus on personalised messaging have a 16% higher impact than those that don’t. Fast forward to the post-pandemic world and McKinsey research found that on average companies can earn up to 40% more revenue from implementing personalisation. There is a clear link on how innovative B2B sales are following the trends and techniques in consumer selling.

At ZNGLY we have the tools to help you win.  We make sure that you get the most out of your connections and sales pitches. With ZNGLY you can manage multiple stakeholders and complex sales cycles. All while giving your recipients a really great user experience viewing and sharing your content. This Blog showcases the tools and techniques in our platform especially created for sales teams. 

What is it - Building Trust and Connection

Personalisation creates a genuine connection between businesses and their target audience.

Personalisation creates a genuine connection between businesses and their target audience. By addressing clients on an individual level, companies demonstrate that they understand their needs, preferences, and pain points. This understanding helps build trust and fosters a sense of loyalty. When customers feel seen and heard, they are more likely to engage with a brand, become buyers, and even become brand advocates. By personalising content, businesses can establish themselves as valued partners who genuinely care about their customers’ success.

How does it work - What ZNGLY does

Curate a private list

Meet Znglists, a game changing approach to content curation. Sales teams use an official catalogue of content to create personal playlists of media for their targets – we call the Znglists! Znglists handle the complete range of media – videos, PDFs, news stories, podcasts, web links and more. You can list content that you’ve created, you can also add material from third party sources – even AI-generated content. By having all of this content into one catalogue, there’s one version of the truth – say goodbye to handling multiple versions – and no need for attachments – everything is sent as a smart link.

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Record a personal video message

Nothing beats saying hello. We live in a video communication age. You record a video message for that personal touch.  They enhance user engagement and create deeper relationships – they are also quick, and fun. 

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Send content in a slick email – no more attachments 

Say goodbye to attachments, scruffy web links, and cluttered emails! With ZNGLY your playlists, and video, are presented in a mobile friendly listing. All content is sent as smart links, working with, rather than against, customer firewalls and screening.

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Have your own personal Sales Page

And when your recipient views the content, it’s all displayed in the salesperson’s own tailored web page, along with additional content, links and messaging that each salesperson controls – specific to them and their target audience.

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And everything is tracked in real-time

Data is the heart of ZNGLY. Every click, view, download – even email forwarding, is all captured in real-time and reported in our analytics suite. We even integrate with HubSpot, Salesforce and more. 

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Why is it important - Benefits for your Business

The customer experience is a key differentiating factor for businesses in today's competitive market.

Let’s hear from one of our users, Bruce Corcoran, a renowned executive and thought leader in the US retirements space: 

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“Personalization: The secret weapon that transforms engagement, ignites sales, and turns memories into unstoppable momentum. Personalized content has taken customer connections to new heights. By seamlessly integrating their memories and perceptions with fresh, captivating content, you create a comfortable and familiar space for engagement. This powerful approach has unlocked endless opportunities to captivate audiences with irresistibly tailored messaging and content, leaving them with no choice but to act. 

Personalization isn’t just a strategy; it’s the fuel that propels people, deals, pipelines and entire companies towards extraordinary success.” 


To Wrap Up - The Importance for Your Business

In a world where clients need an engaging experience for them to buy, personalisation has become a game-changer for businesses. By tailoring content in sales pitches and marketing strategies, companies can build trust, enhance the customer experience, increase conversion rates, and maximise their marketing ROI. Embracing personalisation is no longer an option but a necessity in today’s competitive landscape.

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