” Zngly Gen AI for the Enterprise”


Zngly Gen AI for the Enterprise

Introducing Zngly  ‘Conversational’ Gen AI

Business is drowning in a sea of content. It’s hard to get heard, get noticed and to engage your audience. You have invested money, time, and the hope of future opportunities, in these media assets supporting your business.

We enable our clients to harness the power of AI and large language models in their sales, marketing, and training – solving their pain points and making their content a strategic asset.

What Is It - The Problem

Our “conversational” AI search applications work on all content types - PDFs, videos, podcasts, demos, blogs and more.

  • Generate synopsis of all content/media you can publish in an email to leads
  • Auto-create LinkedIn posts with direct link back to the content gallery
  • Easy to use “conversational” search for website visitors to explore content

It’s just like having a conversation with your content. Making your insights easier to find, consume, share and act on. Delivering increased customer engagement and greater value from your content.

Why Is It Important

With businesses growing at a rapid pace, content generation is at an all time high.

But legacy methods of storing and retrieving content have a poor user experience. Material is hard to find, difficult to manage, and impossible to index. You can have the best content in the world, but if your visitors can’t find it, then it’s just not working for your business.

How Does It Work

Content in Zngly is managed by an enterprise-wide ‘Catalogue’. Our clients have one place for all their content across their entire media estate – SharePoint, YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify and more. Media is added to the catalogue with our unique “List & Link” functionality, with no moving, copying or duplication of files.

We’ve used Google Vertex AI to develop a range of ML tools and services on the Zngly catalogue and media. This enables our customers to deploy and harness AI in their content management automatically for use in marketing, sales, training and project management – securely, seamlessly and at scale.

What are the benefits

For Marketing: Unlock the total value contained within your content. Make it easier for your prospects to search for insights, to interact with your content in a conversational way. Drive greater engagement and conversion.

For Sales: Generate synopsis and snippets of your product and services offerings that you can use in the sales cycle, and follow-up emails, LinkedIn messaging and blog posts. Create a tailored playlist of content for your leads.

For Training: Have all your training material available using our smart search function. Your clients interact with your content in a ‘self-service’ way, to find knowledge at their own pace, using conversational expressions personal to them, and specialist expressions and terms specific to their industry. Across all media types, PDFs, videos, podcasts and more.

To Wrap Up

Zngly Gen AI makes content easier to search and manage, giving clients a deeper insight into what they are given and how it is given to them.

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