Zngly Publishes First Whitepaper

March 11, 20222 Minutes

Zngly – the no-code media platform for the creation, management and measurement of content marketing and client engagement – has published its first whitepaper 'The game-changing, no-code way to Select, Search & Share your B2B content'.

The Whitepaper, “The game-changing, no-code way to Select, Search & Share your B2B content” explores the pain points experienced across the sales and marketing space and demonstrates how Zngly solves them.


Before we can sell a product or a service, we have to tell our customers about them. Good content sells more than indifferent content, but as every marketing or sales team knows, your content is only as good as your ability to get it to the right people at the right time. 

Remote work and the shift towards a hybrid sales cycle has greatly increased the number of ways that we can do this – and, it seems, the number of ways we can get this wrong.

The response of B2B marketers has been to ramp up complexity by commissioning more blogs, podcasts, webinars and thought leadership, and then seeking out bigger and better solutions to personalise it. 

The assumption is that sales has nothing to worry about as long as that content keeps on coming as part of a customer experience built on the latest “platform”. No one is saying that this doesn’t work. But it is a game of diminishing returns.

Zngly is a tool that cuts through the complexity. It is a completely new way of leveraging content – yet simple and intuitive.

Who should read this guide?
Marketers who want a smarter and more cost-effective way to manage content; sales professionals who want to personalise that content for impact and immediacy; and business managers who want the most granular analytics to measure performance.