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Zngly No-Code Microsite Builder

Introducing Zngly No-Code Microsite Builder

Let me set the scene. You need to send content to a lead, and build a microsite for your marketing campaign. You need to do more to win more, but personalising for leads takes time and money – from microsites to landing pages, it can take weeks. With ZNGLY, what once took weeks now takes minutes.

What Is It - The Problem

There is power in personalisation, but personalisation is difficult with long and expensive development. McKinsey research found that on average companies can earn up to 40% more revenue from implementing personalisation. There is a clear link on how innovative B2B sales are following the trends and techniques in consumer selling.

Why Is It Important

The advantages of using new technology for personalisation in sales and marketing are proven.

  • Closing deals and build pipeline faster, increasing rep productivity

  • Less time spent on manual processes and more time on people

  • Enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and drive growth

At ZNGLY, we give you the tools to do more and win more.

Introducing NextWave and the Quantexa Hub.

Imagine you’re a visitor, wanting to learn about Quantexa and what NextWave can do for you.

On the home page, you can view highlighted content, from all different media types, whether it’s an mp4, a pdf, or content hosted on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. You meet the NextWave team of experts, and in a click of a button, connect with them on LinkedIn. See the insights & solutions NextWave can provide you, as well as their client use cases for that extra bit of insight.

Introducing Millennium Consulting and the Millennium Consulting Spotlight Hub.

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a marketeer, building a microsite for a campaign.

With ZNGLY, microsites can be built in minutes rather than weeks. Giving powerful navigation functionality and flexibility in showing the content you want. Whether you want to show off overviews of your products, functionalities you can provide, news in your industry or updates on your services. All of this is there, using the content you have.

To Wrap Up

The customer experience is a key differentiating factor for businesses in today’s competitive market.

To sell more and market better with ZNGLY – contact us any time!

Thank you!

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