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How Training Transforms Business

Welcome to our special report on AI content for training and tutorials

Are you drowning in old PDFs, user manuals and training guides? Are you using stale videos and webinars for training? There is another way.

In today’s fast-paced business and technology landscape, making sure your customers are getting the most from your offering and product is crucial for business growth and retention. ZNGLY offers the ability to create concise and curated learning centres, so you can efficiently onboard and train anyone, and they learn in a self-service manner. 

ZNGLY enables our customers to harness AI-generated content. AI content is high quality, and quick to develop, letting them easily create training and tutorial content to support new updates and feature roll-outs. 

In this blog, we will be showcasing how you can utilise AI content and learning centres to empower your business’ training growth, with a special review of our very own ZNGLY Academy. 

Let’s dive in.

What Is It - An Overview

With AI, you can bring your existing material to life, and create how-to-guides, application demos, explainer videos, and more, with professional-grade production, and minimal financial and time investment.

With AI, you can bring your existing material to life, and create how-to-guides, application demos, explainer videos, and more, with professional-grade production, and minimal financial and time investment.

At ZNGLY, we have created a whole learning platform – the ZNGLY Academy – that houses both our ZNGLY Training & Onboarding Centre, alongside our Masterclass tutorials in Sales, Marketing and Emerging Technologies. It also has links to our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program Tech Gateway, and Big Boost Mondays. 

Having a dedicated centre has enabled us to host all of this content on a consistent and easy-to-navigate platform, so visitors can self-learn, and discover at their own pace. We can curate and share this content in a bespoke, on-demand, and modular fashion. Users can also see the material in the context of the broader industry.

Organising training and tutorial content has never been easier.

Why Is It Important

According to The American Society for Development and Training from 2022, companies that invest in employee training have 24% higher profit margins. Enabling your company to efficiently train employees, and customers, is crucial to improving the efficiency and growth of your business, and retention of customers. 

ZNGLY platform is ‘on-demand’ with user-driven journeys, designed to enable people to train at their own pace and on their terms. 

On-demand and self-service knowledge acquisition like this has become an immensely powerful tool, being able to present the knowledge for users to access when they need it is a game changer for business.

How Does It Work

The creation

AI content generation is a simple and efficient process. You can put the power of creation in the hands of your SMEs, and generate comprehensive, accurate material. AI video can be generated from just a simple script and transformed into an engaging, well-produced, and effective video.

ZNGLY handles all of the tricky stuff – publishing, organising, and tracking. All you need to do is create the content!

The sharing

ZNGLY has comprehensive listing and organisation tools. These tools make it easy for you to categorise, tag and structure your training material effectively. ZNGLY enables you to create a well-organised repository of content, sorted by topics, subjects, or any other relevant classification, allowing for a smooth navigation experience. And with our ‘List & Link’ API, you don’t need to copy and move big media files – we ‘play the content where it lies’.

The tracking

Zngly has powerful analytics tools, enabling you to view who sees what on your learning centre, and see what training content is viewed most and viewed least. These analytics track everything with timestamps in simple-to-navigate dashboards, letting businesses gain thorough insights into their learning centre.

What are the benefits

• Reduced cost and time – take existing pdfs, decks and demos and bring them to life

AI content generation gives you the ability to create engaging content simply and efficiently, even from pre-existing assets. Turn a pdf into an audiobook, or turn an article into a fully produced video. Utilising AI content generation for training & tutorials greatly aids the time to produce and cost of production. 

These qualities lend well to training and tutorial content, giving quality videos that are interesting to watch and engage with, raising information retention rates and increasing the efficiency of your user base. ZNGLY’s platform allows this quality content to be housed all in one place for ease of access and navigation.

• Support Self-learning – user-driven, asynchronous, remote

This technology and media are specifically designed to support the modern work environment – self-learning, user-driven, asynchronous and remote. Efficient onboarding and training are critical for the success of business. Tutorials delivered via video provide a structured approach with higher information retention scores. 

By leveraging tutorials and the ZNGLY platform, businesses can reduce the time and resources required for training while ensuring consistent and standardised information delivery.

Furthermore, tutorials can serve as a valuable resource for ongoing training and professional development – supporting an always-learning culture. They can be utilised to upskill users, keeping them up-to-date with product changes and updates. By providing access to these self-learn tutorials, businesses can empower their users to take ownership of their learning journey and pursue continuous improvement.

• Easy to manage and refresh – rollouts and updates

When you are rolling out new releases of your product, upgrade and refreshes – easy to update and produce new training material with AI. Keeping your user group and / or internal audiences informed and trained.

ZNGLY’s platform is easy to use, manage, and update with new product rollouts.

In the fast-paced business environment, products change, and ZNGLY can help ensure that nobody is left behind from these changes.

• Consistency of material and experience across different subjects and modules

Utilising AI-generated content and structured learning centres allows businesses to create a consistent environment for user learning. This consistent environment creates a seamless learning experience. Every user is delivered the same clear and effective training, allowing everyone to be on the same page for every piece of information.

The structured nature of ZNGLY’s platform enables workflows to be flexible yet concise. Every piece of content for every subject, topic, and module, feels cohesive and standardised.

• Data – know what’s working, progress, and who is understanding

ZNGLY is a content-driven platform with data at the heart of our solution. The ZNGLY platform provides users with detailed analytics, enabling you to maximise your learning centre and its users.

These analytics tools track everything, allowing you to see who views what content and for how long, showing you their user journey through your learning centre. This data is vital for maximising your learning centre, seeing who needs to be trained on what content and who has the most thorough understanding of your product. 

To Wrap Up

Tutorials are an invaluable asset for businesses seeking growth and success.

1️⃣Training isn’t a challenge – it’s an opportunity – the days of static web pages. PDFs and dull webinar overviews are over

2️⃣These tools, techniques and harnessing AI means you can achieve continuous learning, empowering your customers and colleagues

3️⃣Keeping pace with the rate and scale of development and change 

Tutorials are an invaluable asset for businesses seeking growth and success. They enable users to enhance their skills and knowledge, and streamline onboarding and training processes. In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, embracing tutorials as a learning and development strategy can give a competitive edge. By investing in tutorials, organisations can cultivate continuous learning, empowering users, and driving long-term success. So, let the power of tutorials unlock your business’s true potential.

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