Zngly EI International Markets Week

Starting a business or sourcing solutions. Be inspired!

This blog I hope will… inspire entrepreneurs embarking on creating a business to consider setting up in Ireland with the help that Enterprise Ireland (EI) can give to grow internationally. Give our clients a line of sight on the global network of support we have at Zngly. And to businesses in international markets to consider sourcing solutions from Irish companies. From Cyber to Payments, Digital to Manufacturing, Ireland’s eco-system of firms from start-up to established is firing on all cylinders. A hot bed of innovation and ambition. 

EI International Markets Week what’s it all about?

EI is an Irish Government agency dedicated to the promotion, development and growth of Irish businesses, and are ranked first in the world of venture capital investors by deal count.


At Zngly we were delighted to have been selected as an EI-HPSU (High Potential Start-Up) when we launched. EI provide us with a wealth of knowledge, experience and connections.

International Markets Week (IMW) is a three-day coming together of all the Market Advisors (MA) from around the world converging in Dublin to assist and support Irish businesses with their growth plans. It was held at the RDS in Ballsbridge, Rugby fans will know it as Leinster’s home ground, and was the first time it was held since the Covid lockdowns.

It was great getting everyone together in a real celebration of Irish innovation and business, with over 700 EI portfolio companies attending over the three days. Meeting with MA’s from all over the world, from northern Europe, to the southern hemisphere, from Asia to the US West Coast.

I knew the omens were good on the way there! I passed Old Belvedere, and I see their next home game is against my old club Naas RFC. So hopefully I would be the first of many winning Naas men in Ballsbridge this week!

Why is IMW important to Irish businesses?

Zngly are proud that we are a bootstrapped business, with no VC or outside money.

We are focused on creating a profitable business, with value not valuation our priority. So

it’s hugely important for us to be able to connect into this network of advisors on the ground who can shape our opportunity and proposition.

We have clients in Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, Ireland and the US. We are global and international markets are massively important to us.

IMW means we are on track, the products we are shipping have local market validation, and our business development growth plans and connections are at a personal level.

So how does it work?

We worked with Conor our Dublin based Development Advisor (DA) ahead of IMW identifying opportunities and geographical regions. We then scheduled a series of one-to-one meetings with the international MA’s. In one day we covered a global conversation from Asia (with Tiarnan and Sinead), US (Jack and Jane), UK (Jack and Niamh) and also here in Ireland (Luke and Mike) working with global ambition and global brands. We even had a master class chat on Marketing & Sales with Naghmeh!

The depth of local market knowledge, and deep relationships is incredible.

Lastly, it’s just a lot of fun. I loved it! The event was a huge infectious feeling of innovation opportunity ambition.  It was a privilege to be selected to be a part of it, and we are very grateful. Making these personal connections is what it’s all about. 

What are we taking from it?

There are three immediate great benefits from this. First the discipline of presenting Zngly, pitching and demoing our platform in a high paced showcase event like this from around the world really helps validate market fit. You get feedback upfront.

Secondly, hearing first-hand the opportunities, needs and challenges from around the world is massively important so we know how to allocate resources and identify opportunities.

Being a start-up, you are looking for friends and ambassadors. With EI we have that and so much more.

Lastly, it’s just a lot of fun. I loved it! The event was a huge infectious feeling of innovation opportunity ambition.  It was a privilege to be selected to be a part of it, and we are very grateful. Making these personal connections is what it’s all about. 

How are the benefits measured – what next?

There are three very practical ways. One, how we tune the B2B Zngly proposition and market fit to specific sectors.

Fintech, Media and Education are all really exciting areas for us where we have great clients.

Secondly, we’ve got a diary of meetings and confirmed follow-ups in Asia, US, UK and Ireland. There are dates in the calendar.

Finally, the benefits aren’t just measured by sales and growth, but that we have an action plan that’s ‘doable’ that we can confidently build out for our clients and business. 

To close.. that was some day.

A huge thank you to everyone I had the pleasure to work with and congratulations to Enterprise Ireland on a fantastic event. To Deirdre and all the team – Joanne, Jack Callaghan Jack FC, Niamh, Tiarnan, Sinead, Luke, Mike, Naghmeh and Conor. 

Final thought. There was even a vegan option for my lunch! I’ve changed and come a long, long way from my Naas RFC days!