Zngly Awarded October’s Community Spotlight by FINOS

We’ve been awarded this month’s community spotlight feature by The Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS) 

“By using Zngly, we have been able to level up the messaging and value surrounding our critical projects and initiatives for FINOS.”

“Aside from being an outstanding content and resource management tool, Zngly has partnered with us on many different events throughout the year, both in-person and remote, most recently with last week’s DEI SIG Tech Gateway, which was a day of DEI events in the City of London which was organized by FINOS DEI SIG members, Zngly, Scott Logic, NatWest, Goldman Sachs, EPAM, GitHub, Google, Red Hat, and ING.”

“The event brought together under-represented London communities to explore city tech career opportunities through inspiring DEI stories, tech mentoring, and network building.”

“FINOS is proud to partner with Zngly! We look forward to organizing more co-hosted open source events this year and delivering our content in new and innovative ways.

Special thanks to the Zngly team, Mike Wilson, Oscar Wilson, Hayley McCarthy, Vlad Medves and Shaban Duymun, among many others.”

Click here to read the full article over at the FINOS website

Click here to check out the FINOS Resource Center which is powered by Zngly.